About Us

"We aim to train the youth, for the strengthening of human capital, for the growth of the economy, employment generation & for social security."



Sustainable Action for Transforming Human capital

This programme is an initiative to transform education and health care sectors.It was launched on 10th june 2017. This programmes aims to provide support to government in education and health care.

About us

We aim to generate employment through our initiatives and programmes, the employment generation is interlinked with poverty eradication, we work to improve human capital with skill development, employment generation and social empowerment. We are motivated to empower everyone with equal opportunities and skill to earn decent money to live a meaningful life.

Employment Generation

For economic growth of the society creating jobs is a keystone programme, there are many categories fall into job creation for economic growth, we provide immediate and long term opportunities for employment generation.

Skill Development

To eradicate poverty and improve the economical conditions of the society we need to empower every individuals with skill, we aim to empower every individual with skill so they can live a meaningful life and earn well with pride.

Social Empowerment

We believes to give equal opportunity to every individual in spite of their race gender or colour, financial growth helps to live a life of empowerment to every individual, we aim to empower with skill.

Skill Development

WE help individuals to improve productivity through skill development and live a meaningful life & gain decent jobs, we aim to provide employment opportunities for sustainable growth of society by providing equal opportunities for everyone. Skill development is fundamental and important for employment generation and economic development of society.

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