We gather leads contact through Company Websites, Social Media Sites, Classifieds, Marketplaces, Tenders, Forums, and other sources. Our teams continuously crawl through the internet to add new data sets regularly. We are always updating our business and consumer databases. We do all this to provide you accurate & latest data possible.

Data is verified through the internal leads audit system, but because of changing market dynamics, on average, our data is min 90% accurate.
With that being said, we appreciate the fact that it is impossible to ensure that every piece of Lead that we provide is accurate and up-to-date; that’s why we will replace, revise and provide additional data to the up to the extent of invalid data.

Currently, Ths.org.in does not have any refund policies for purchase cancellation. In case of overcharging or repeat payment, please drop a mail at support@Leads2connect.co, and we will take care of the issue.

If you wish to remove your current individual information from the ths.org.in database and our other database, visit the public data removal page. You make this choice, information of yours in our database will be removed, and your record will become unavailable in our clients as soon as possible. By law, ths.org.in must verify your identity as part of the removal request.

Yes. At Ths.org.in, we only aggregates business-related data, such as work email addresses or the job titles of a company’s employees. Generally speaking, lawmakers view this type differently than more sensitive information like browser history, health or financial information, or any other information about a person in a family or household capacity – which Leads2connect.co does not collect or share. We also employ an internal team dedicated to proactively monitoring our data and research practices to ensure alignment with relevant data protection and privacy laws. If individuals wish to have their information removed from the Leads2connect.co database, they may do so by contacting us via our public data removal page.

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